SEO is an ever-evolving field that requires regular changes on the part of SEO professionals on an ongoing basis. Almost every SEO professional worth his salt knows only too well that its necessary to adopt your SEO strategies according to new trends and algorithms if you do not want to lose your SERP rankings.

Having an SEO strategy that evolves according to new trends can not only help your business with SEO but can also lead to higher profits and revenue for your business by ensuring that your website gets even more organic traffic from SERPs. In this article, we have identified 5 SEO trends that will impact businesses in 2021.

Zero Click Search

Local search is going to remain a hot topic in 2021 and its importance is only going to increase going forward. Zero Click Search refers to the searches where top search results themselves provide answers to search queries via the SERP page itself and is quite closely linked with local search. You may have noticed that if you search for a resort in Miami, then the search results page will list some of the resorts directly on the SERP page itself, thus negating any need for clicking on a page or conducting further research.

Zero click searches are only going to become more important in 2021 and if you are a local business, then they are especially relevant to you as a good chunk of zero click searches are local. You can set up a Google My Business account for your local business to take advantage of this trend.

Voice Search

In the age of voice assistant and connected devices such as Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google assistant, it is not possible to remain aloof of the rising importance of voice search as the number of voice search queries are increasing dramatically with each passing day. Evolving technologies such as machine learning, AI, are going to make the voice search trend even more exciting in the near future.

Mobile SEO

While many may consider that mobile SEO is a trend of past, nothing can be further from the truth as mobile SEO remains extremely important in 2021 and this is expected to be the case for the foreseeable future as more and more people nowadays browse internet from their smartphone or tablet.

Buyer Centric Content

Buyer centric content can help your site gain in search engine rankings by attracting more clients who are really interested in your offering. While the old adage said, “Content is the King”, it’s time to modify this to “Buyer centric content is the king”. Many brands, both large and small have taken advantage of this ongoing trend by repurposing and rewriting their existing content with the needs of their customers in mind and you too can do the same.

High Quality Backlinks

One can never overstate the importance of high quality backlinks and this was recently confirmed by Google itself when Google’s search quality advocate John Mueller said that a single, high-quality backlink from a top-tier site is worth more than millions of low quality links from average or below average sites.

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