Streaming TV

Streaming TV

Before the Internet, people watched TV traditionally or linearly—standard, live, and non-DVR. Many still do but let’s face it–having just a few channels and shows to choose from is awful. So it’s no surprise that most consumers don’t mind forking out a little bit more to get cable. The problem with cable television is that consumers also end up paying for channels they never watch.

Then came smart TVs and game consoles like Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, and Chromecast, giving birth to connected TV or CTV. These devices allow consumers to connect their televisions to the Internet and access video content. With CTV, viewers can finally stream videos from YouTube and other video streaming websites directly onto their television.

And just when everyone thought home entertainment couldn’t get better, subscription VOD service providers like Hulu, Amazon Video, NETFLIX, and Roku arrived to give them more choices. Anyone subscribed to these over-the-top (OTT) providers can access multiple movies and TV shows via the Internet and view them on their TVs anytime and typically at a lower cost than their cable TV subscription.

How Streaming TV Advertising Works ?

For advertisers, this new trend in home entertainment opens a new channel through which they can connect with their target audience. Streaming TV advertising works the same way as PPC and programmatic display advertising. You can either purchase or bid on ad placements from a guaranteed media buy. There’s even an option to buy ad placements in a real-time, programmatic environment to improve your targeting. The price of ad placement depends on reach and frequency, so you have control over that aspect, too.

Benefits of Streaming TV Advertising

  • Cheaper than TV ads – We all know that TV ad placement is among the priciest forms of advertising out there. A 30-second commercial on a national network can cost you more than $120,000–and that’s not even on prime time. With Streaming TV advertising, you can show your ads to the same audience for more than half the price.
  • Targeted – TRD uses databased addressable geofencing, targeting specific markets based on their profile. For instance, we can stream ads to households that belong or support a particular political party and skip those that don’t fit that criteria. This saves you a lot of money in terms of wasted ad consumption–and is simply not possible for cable TV.
  • Full View – Many online publishing platforms set aside a below-the-fold for ads of other media channels to maximize income. Streaming TV advertising eliminates that section and runs ads full screen. You can design your ads without worrying that only half of them will show up. The completion rate for Streaming TV ads is also much higher than other ad forms because there are more barriers in place to keep viewers from skipping.

Work with Us

TRD Digital Marketing can help take your ads to these platforms and drive traffic to your website. While Streaming TV advertising is already a hot topic in the digital marketing world, it’s still in its infancy, which is why there’s no better time to take advantage of it now.