Data Based Marketing

Database Marketing

Deliver customized, personalized, and targeted marketing messages with database marketing. We work with you to formulate a customized marketing strategy through database marketing. Leveraging customer data means you can find the right brand message that will resonate with your target audience more effectively. Understanding the consumers’ thoughts and behavior will also allow you to engage with them throughout their customer journey.

The Database

We access a database of over 300 million consumer emails matching postal information and mobile device IDs. On the B2B Data side we access over 80 million unique records.

Proper Segmentation

With database marketing, you can segment your marketing message based on demographics, geographic, and interest-based data, further increasing your chance of reaching the right audience based on how they’ve interacted with your brand. Here are some of the other ways that database marketing can help:

    • 1. Identify customer segments based on their behaviors, personal interests, and demographics
    • 2. Create personalized messages based on new customers, recurring customers, and prospective customers
    3. Find out the best time and channel to engage your prospects and customers

Database Marketing Channels

  • CTV/OTT or Streaming TV
  • Email Marketing
  • Programmatic Display Advertising
  • Programmatic Audio
  • Social Media Marketing

Gathering Customer Data

With so many federal and state laws protecting personal data, your options for gathering customer data are often limited. However, in recent years, customers have become more generous with personal information enabling TRD’s databased team to gather large amounts of both consumer and B2B data. TRD gathers our data from the following sources.

  • Public Records
  • Federal & State Filings
  • Professional State Licensing Records
  • Association Data
  • Web & Internet Data Feeds
  • Shipping Records
  • Print Media Publications
  • National Business & Professional Directories
  • Corporate Filings
  • Self Reported Data (Corporate Updates)
  • Annual Reports (Public Companies)
  • Stock and Wire Services
  • Websites
  • Telephone Connects & Disconnects

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