Email Marketing

Databased Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing channel that offers the ability to reach large amounts of your target market without wasted ad spend compared to other traditional marketing channels. So, if email marketing only represents a small part of your advertising campaign, you are certainly missing out.

With the right strategy, email marketing can have a real impact on your overall marketing success.

Why Consider Email Marketing

  • Extremely cost effective – Email campaigns are a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.
  • High deliverability –Lands your marketing message in the client inbox, making it more likely for them to read about your latest promotion or newsletter.
  • Extraordinary personalization – Allows you to add details that personalize your message to your customer from first name, birthday, and even their general location
  • Easy segmentation – Enables you to segment your customers based on data like their interests, previous purchases, stage in buying journey, and more
  • Preferred communication channel – Despite rise of SMS and chat messaging apps, B2B and B2C communications are still mostly done through email with customers being more receptive to promotions

Get Your Message Across

With the right message that’s targeted to the reader, you can drive more traffic and leads to your website. Email marketing proves useful in prompting discovery calls and client meetings. Our experienced developers will work with you in creating the most effective ad copy that will lead to conversions.