Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Your website is your first chance to make an impression on your client. If it’s poorly organized or it takes a while to open a page, you’ll have traffic going elsewhere in no time at all. In fact it takes 7 seconds for visitors to decide if they are going to contact a business once landing on a website. If you’re looking to build a website for your brand or looking to update it to make it better, it’s critical to offer a fantastic user experience that makes people want to browse your website and stay a little bit longer.

Make a killer first impression and keep your customers coming back for more with the help of TRD Digital Marketing. Our team specializes in WordPress platform-based websites. WordPress powers 37.8% of the Internet, and it’s the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Our team has been designing websites for over 15 years. Trust us when we say that we know how to build a conversion friendly website.

Why You Need Professional Web Design

  • SEO-friendly – If you plan to use SEO to grow your online presence, our web design team can help you get started. We utilize WordPress platform to ensure your website is coming out of the gates SEO-friendly. This means that your website already has the essential elements to optimize it for search engines.
  • Responsive –It takes more than creativity to build a website that offers great user experience. A professional web design can ensure that your website looks stunning and functions properly on all devices, not just desktops.
  • Less Clutter – – If there’s one thing that sets a professionally designed website from a DIY one, it’s the absence of clutter and the ability to optimize. Every element they include in the design has a purpose–whether it has to do with branding, site speed, or over overall performance.
  • CTR-oriented – A professional web designer will always have your ultimate goal—traffic, conversions, and sales—in mind. They will strategically place buttons alongside a call to action and make it easy for visitors to go through the purchase or consultation process.

Our Process

When you hire us, we undertake an assessment and online presence audit, which makes the web design process much faster.

This helps us understand how you would like to present your brand as well as the built-in functionalities that you’d like on the website. We also go through image and color palette selection, sitemap and wireframe creation, content maps, and more. Once we create and finalize a strategy, we’ll start building your website and update you on the progress.

Templated vs Custom Design

We know that custom websites can cost a pretty penny. So, if that’s out of your budget for now, consider choosing from our WordPress themes that match a wide range of industries. If you’re building a simple brochure site without a lot of functionality, customized WordPress sites will work in a pinch. You may need just a couple of modifications here and there, and your site will be good to go.

Work with Us

When you work with us for web design, you are assured of the utmost professionalism and transparency. We make sure that we implement industry best practices, so you have a website that prospective clients and current customers look forward to browsing.