Political Advertising

Changing Times, Changing Advertising Landscape

Times are changing. While traditional media still works, they’re no longer the only channels that can affect the outcome of elections. The rise of new digital channels such as Streaming TV, In-App Streaming, Streaming Audio, Programmatic Display, and Email & Social Media Advertising has revolutionized how political parties organize and run their campaigns.

By running ads and posting useful content that targets specific sectors and markets, you can reach audiences who may not be paying attention to your traditional campaign ads. However, it’s not as simple as you may think. Like newspaper and television ads, a lot goes into online political ads. It would help if you had the right team to help you strategize, post your message on the right outlets, and monitor your campaign’s progress.

How We Do It

TRD Digital Marketing takes pride in helping many political figures, including congressional, senatorial, and local figures, run their digital marketing campaigns. Whether you manage a political party or are running for office, this can be a great option to broaden your reach and secure victory.

We will work with you to run customized voter data-based digital campaigns to effectively target voters. We will not only run campaigns on multiple digital channels simultaneously, but we also give you the option to choose from various political targeting options, including the following:

  • Registered Voters – Create ads and content that targets all registered voters in your jurisdiction
  • Custom Voter Lists – Upload custom voter lists, so the ads target voters with specific interests
  • Demographic – Targeting can also be done based on a voter’s age, gender, and race
  • Addressable Geofence Based on Voter File Addresses – Run programmatic ads that automatically target voters within a specific area
  • Geographical Targeting – Voters see ads regardless of their address, zip code, DMA, or state, national, regional, and congressional/senatorial districts
  • Interest-Based Targeting – Study voters’ behavior and interests and leverage AI-assisted analytics to tell us how, where, and when to show political ads
  • Party Affiliation – Configure campaign to target Republicans, Democrats, Independents

What Makes a Good Political Ad

We all know what a standard political ad looks like. It’s supposed to build name recognition, call attention to the other party’s limitations, and highlight critical issues. But this structure doesn’t work for every candidate. It may even do you more harm than good if you’re not careful. For instance, highlighting your opponent’s shortcomings may backfire and cause irreversible damage to your image. Here’s how we do it at TRD:

  • Provocative Copy – We capture your audience’s attention and make them think. We will create and test several versions to see which one resonates and brings positive feedback best. Persuasive and thought-provoking copy can start conversations among peers and families, turning you into a household name throughout the campaign period.
  • Images and Videos – Convey your message and influence your audience through images and videos with emotional impact. We think about this thoroughly–from lighting and color combination to movements and symbolic objects.
  • Disclaimers – All political ads must conform to the guidelines set by the digital platforms where they are posted. We will see to it that your campaign strategy and materials meet the requirements of search engine and social media sites, so you can run your ads.

Work with Us

Prepare for the next campaign period by consulting with us ahead of time. Work with a fast and nimble digital marketing company like TRD Digital Marketing who understands that speed matters during campaign season.