Streaming Radio

Streaming Radio

Remember all the ads that used to play whenever you would listen to your favorite radio station? Streaming radio advertising is similar, except the content creator doesn’t screen the ads–they are simply inserted once the audio content is set up for ad publishing. Unlike radio stations, however, the ad varies depending on the listener profile.

That’s because, like programmatic display advertising, streaming radio is a targeted form of advertising. When someone visits a website and listens to the audio content, an ad-exchange puts the ad opportunity up for auction, and advertisers bid for it.

Streaming radio is an excellent option if your target audience loves listening to podcasts, tuning in to their favorite digital radio programs, or are subscribed to music-streaming services. Let TRD Digital Marketing help you grow your clients using this type of database marketing.

Benefits of Streaming Radio

The Streaming Industry Is Growing Exponentially

Did you know that around 100 million Americans use Pandora and Spotify every month? And that 32% of Americans listen to podcasts, which is more than Apple Music and Spotify users combined? Niche podcasts are created everyday, which means you can hypertarget to very segmented audiences. And let’s not forget Pandora and iHeart Radio, which are streamed by millions of people every day.

More People Are Going Mobile

As smartphones become increasingly accessible, more people spend less time on their computers and laptops, especially when accessing audio content. Statistics show that 75.8% of digital audio listening in the U.S. happens on mobile devices, and mobile users spend 25% of their time listening to audio content.

Ad Block Resistance

Listeners cannot use adblock for sreaming radio ads as easily as they can display ads, which means you can promote your products or send your message without being cut off. Because most people listen with their headphones on, there is also a sense of intimacy and focused listening, which allows your ads to have more impact.


It’s hard to physically toggle through screens or watch something else while listening to a stream, which is why audio ads are widely considered to be distraction-free. After all, people who listen intently to a podcast or music stream will also offer the same attention to the audio ad.

Offers Emotional Engagement

You can match the mood and genre of your promotion with the audio content. If you’re promoting a sleep aid, for example, you can strategically target content that streams at one in the morning to catch those suffering with insomnia. Audio commercials also tend to communicate emotion very well when compared to display and video.

Cohesive Marketing Strategy

The key to successful advertising is to have the ability to follow your target market wherever they go. Being top of mind means having an online presence on various mediums and platforms, so you can engage your target market from all angles.

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