Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

You may have the best-looking website on the planet, but it’s not a case of “build it and they will come.” You need to make sure that it can be found by search engines, so you can take advantage of each time someone searches for terms associated with products or services that you carry when prospects type it in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Just as choosing the right high-traffic location is best for your brick-and-mortar business, you want your website to be visible whenever your target market visits their search engine of choice.

SEO: How It Works

Search engines help internet users find the information they’re looking for more easily. Instead of memorizing and typing domain names or long URLs, many users now just type in relevant keywords on search engines and click on the top 3 organic search results.

Getting Indexed

Because of this, it’s essential that you optimize your website, so it can easily be indexed and crawled by search engines. This, in turn, means you can easily be found by people who are looking for your product or service. But, search engine optimization is more than just being indexed.

Ranking 1st Page

Your goal should be to get onto the first page of Google for your search term. After all, the top three search results get 75% of the clicks. It’s a known fact that without proper search engine optimization, most websites languish at page 10 or further down, which is why many brands invest in long-term SEO campaigns with us. After all, if you rank for the right keywords, you can almost always be guaranteed a steady flow of leads.

What Exactly is SEO Anyway?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your ranking on organic SERPs to increase your website’s traffic and conversion. It involves the use of different tools and techniques based mainly on the guidelines set by search engines.

Decoding Google

Let’s take Google for example since it’s the most popular and widely used search engine. Google responds to search queries by deploying a crawler (an advanced type of internet bot) to gather web pages that contain information relevant to the search. This bot is programmed to index websites to provide relevant information and meet Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Ranking Factors

If you condense Google’s guidelines, you’ll come up with about 200 ranking factors. SEO is all about ensuring that your website’s architecture consists of these ranking factors. The sheer number of ranking factors your website should possess gives you a good sense of how complicated SEO is, and the only way to make it work for you is to get help from a knowledgeable and results-driven digital marketing agency.

Why is SEO important?

When carried out right, SEO can navigate changes in your online marketing campaigns. Even with the rise of other digital channels, such as ecommerce and social media, SEO remains one of the prime drivers of website traffic. Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you work with TRD Digital Marketing:

  • Build Credibility and Trust – Until a decade ago, advertisers could cheat their way to the first pages of Google through black hat practices. Today, Google’s algorithms put quality above all else, allowing websites that provide high-quality content to rank high. Landing on the first page of search results is, therefore, associated with authority and credibility.
  • Improve Your Brand – Branding is all about establishing a connection with your audience in places where they need you. SEO works the same way in that it puts your website in front of your audience when they need to learn about your products and services. Through SEO, you can take your audience on a journey that leads to conversion and sales.
  • A Cheaper Option – Compared to traditional advertising, SEO is relatively cheap. Your business can get the same exposure for a much lower price. It also levels the playing field for advertisers, so you can go head to head with large brands without spending a fortune.

How We Measure Progress and Success

One fantastic thing about SEO is that it’s quantifiable. While it can’t show you exactly how much ROI you’ll get, it comes with analytics and tracking technology that allow you to check your progress in real-time. TRD Digital Marketing uses Google Analytics and other types of tracking software to measure SEO performance and results.

We also provide our clients comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports to show you the status of your campaign. The dashboard also indicates concrete data on which you can base your future decisions. Our SEO specialists will use the same data to make recommendations that can help improve your website performance.

Local Listings Setup & Management

Minimize out-of-town traffic and boost your local presence with local SEO. We can help you get started by setting up and managing your structured local business listings on Google, social media, and yellow pages. This option will not only narrow down your reach to within a 5-mile radius of your store, but it will give your prospective customers a direction to your exact location. We’ll make sure to update all your accounts with accurate information about your business. Well-managed local business listings lead to more traffic, more sales, and more loyal customers.

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