Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing

With social media’s current popularity, it’s easy to understand why businesses in the U.S. spent more than $40 billion on social media advertising in 2020. If you haven’t spent a single penny on your social media campaigns, these statistics can give you a clue as to how seriously your competitors are taking social media marketing.

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing that your competitors probably already know:

Increases Traffic and Conversions

While a steady increase in followers is good, your ultimate goal is to develop customer profiles strategies and apply them to your campaign ultimately resulting in the purchasing your products or services. Through the use of hashtags and discovery pages, social media is capable of reaching potential customers that you may not be able to reach through other means.

Engages Your Customers

Social media helps interact and engage with your customers and prospects directly and spontaneously. Whenever someone comments on your posts or ads, you can immediately reply. They can also message you directly and you can chat with them privately. This unconstrained exchange of thoughts and ideas establishes a relationship with the brand that ultimately translates to a positive customer experience.

Boosts Your Brand Authority

People view followers and ratings as a measure of credibility and influence. The more positive reactions you get on your posts, the greater the chances that people will believe you to be an authority on a certain subject matter. That trust trickles down from your content to your products or services, which leads to increased conversions and sales.

Why Work With Us

Promoting your brand through social media seems like a straightforward process. Create a page or account, post ads, share blogs from your website, and voila! You’re now doing social media marketing. But the truth is, it’s a lot more complicated than that. If your in-house social media marketing team doesn’t have savvy to track your campaign performance, you may be wasting a lot of ad spend on posts that don’t convert. Here are some things that you may not be doing properly:

  • Maximizing all the features available on these platforms to promote brand awareness and engagement
  • Paying attention to metrics by using tools that analyze your campaign’s reach and conversions
  • Making your content as concise, engaging, and shareable as possible
  • Stayin on top of all of the new platform updates for all your social media channels

Over 3.5 billion people are now on various social media platforms, and that includes millennials, Generation Z, and baby boomers. No matter your demographics, it’s now painfully clear that you will need social media to reach out and engage them.

If you have existing accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, let us know how the experience has been. If your current social media marketing efforts are not working or maybe, you’d like to make sure that they’re more efficient, consider bringing in our team to help you.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your goals and see where we can help.